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Tutto Calabrian Hot Spread Sauce 10 oz Regular price $9.99

Red and intense with an unmistakable flavor, Calabria Chili Pepper is the undisputed protagonist of the Calabrian table. Its tangy character revives food. Tutto’s Calabrian Hot Spread Sauce is ideal on bruschetta, in sandwiches, on pizza, or added to sauce. Great on a panini or spread on toast.

Dalmatia Sour Cherry Spread 8.5 oz. Regular price $5.99

Perfectly-ripened sour cherries from the Pannonian Valley of Eastern Croatia are cooked with great care to preserve their natural character and create a wonderfully tart, yet sweet spread overflowing with flavor. Dalmatia uses cherries locally sourced in Croatia.

Pairs well with creamy cheeses or try with a tangy Chèvre or Brie. Spoon onto panna cotta for a special treat or try as a filling for homemade chocolate cake or cookies.

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