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Bartolini Farro Semipearled Regular price $5.99

Quality comes from an ancient tradition. After harvest, Bartolini Farro is immediately cleaned and milled in a modern stone grinding plant working at low temperature to fully preserves the properties of cereals. Farro contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, with a higher quantity of proteins than other cereals, but lacking in fats. It can reduce the appetite and is high in fiber.

The Bartolini family produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil, legumes, cereals and pasta with passion, experience and artisanal skills. The excellent quality of Bartolini products originates from the fields, with the care and experience in the selection of the seeds, in the choice of the processing times and of the harvesting periods.

Beretta Arborio Rice Regular price $5.99

Beretta Superfino Arborio authentic imported Italian rice is the best known variety of rice in Italy. Arborio rice is the most popular rice used in the preparation of Risotto dishes because it’s increased starch lends this classic rice dish its requisite creamy texture. Arborio rice are the high-starch kernels of this Italian-grown grain and are shorter and fatter than any other short-grain rice.

Weight 32 oz.

Calleris Cannellini Beans (Dry) Regular price $5.69

Cannellini are one of Italy's most notable beans. They're large and creamy white in color. Because of their traditional kidney shape they can also be referred to as White Kidney Beans. Meatier than Navy or Great Northern beans, they have a nutty, earthy flavor and tender flesh, and are often used in Italian dishes like Minestrone soup. They're also great pureed into a creamy spread on crostini.

Calleris Lupini Beans (Dry) Regular price $4.99

Lupini beans are frequently used in Mediterranean dishes. They're fava-shaped and yellow in color. Lupini beans are often served during the holidays as a brined snack with olives, you can squeeze the skin to pop the bean out into your mouth. Lupini beans are high in fiber and packed with vitamins.

Weight 17.6 oz.

Caputo "Blue" Pizza Flour Regular price $4.99 +
  • 11 lb.
  • 2 lb. bulk

Caputo "Blue" Pizzeria Flour with strong, elastic gluten is ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation. Elastic gluten and soft starch help doughs get great hydration. Light with a perfect rising to satisfy the best maestri pizzaiolo's needs. Ideal for Neapolitan classic pizza.

Caputo Chef's Choice "00" Flour Regular price $3.99

Caputo Chef's Flour with strong, elastic gluten is ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation. The elastic gluten and soft starch help dough get great hydration. Light with a perfect rising to satisfy the best maestri pizzaiolo's needs. Ideal for long fermentation and Neapolitan classic pizza.

Weight 2.2 lbs 

Caputo Lievito (Yeast) 100 gm Regular price $5.69

Caputo Lievito high activity dry yeast is of a 100% Italian Saccharomyces Cerevisiae type from exclusively Italian molasses. It has a high fermentative power and is ideal for making soft doughs with an incomparable taste. Easy to use, it keeps well, lasts longer, and prevents waste.

Caputo Semola Flour Regular price $4.99

Caputo Semola di Grano Duro double milled semolina with calibrated grain size and increased elasticity is ideal for fresh pasta and durum wheat bread. Obtained from strong wheat molitura, semola is ground again and again to encourage the use of doughs. With its amber yellow color, the balanced granulometry and gluten elasticity make the semola ideal for sprinkling and having the food gold and fragrant.

Weight 2.2 lbs.

Cento Cannellini Beans Regular price $3.19

Cento Cannellini Beans are the perfect addition to your favorite soup or salad. Cannellini beans, also called white kidney beans, contain high levels of protein, essential minerals, and fiber while maintaining a low level of fat.

Weight 19 oz.

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