Sandwich Trays

Mini Sandwich Tray Regular price $43.99 +
  • S(12") 16 pcs. Serves 8
  • M(16") 32 pcs. Serves 16
  • L(18") 48 pcs. Serves 24

Sam's Special Mini Sub Sandwiches, a combination of Turkey Breast, Dry Salami, Ham, Mortadella, and Jack Cheese all in one sandwich. We recommend 2 pieces per person. Great for any occasion. NO MESS-NO FUSS! Each piece is approximately 2.5 "

If you would like a different variety or want to add a few vegetarian style sandwiches please note at checkout.

Focaccia Sandwich Tray Regular price $43.99 +
  • S(12") 12 pcs. Serves 10
  • L(18") 36 pcs. Serves 18
A flavorful sandwich made on our very own Focaccia Bread. Each sandwich includes a variety of Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Provolone Cheese, Marinated Roasted Eggplant, Leaf Lettuce and Tomatoes. Vegetarian style also available.
Grilled Panini Tray Regular price $43.99 +
  • S(12”) 24 pcs. Serves 8
  • L(18”) 48 pcs. Serves 24
Our very own Focaccia Bread stuffed with delicious goodies such as Creamy Havarti, Prosciutto Cotto, Hot Calabrese Salami, Pepperoni, Basil Pesto, then pressed between the hot plates of a Panini Grill for the best Italian style sandwich outside of Italy.

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