2018 Gravel Bar Alluvial Red Blend

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2018 Gravel Bar Alluvial Red Wine Blend (Cab/Merlot American Oak) is a full-bodied red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with vibrant flavors of dried cherries, plum, toffee, chocolate, and vanilla. The structure is rich, with bold tannins extending the finish. Ideally, pair this with Sam's Alla Barese Sub, Sam's Meatball Sub, or Sam's Roast Beef Sub.

About the Vineyard: For more than twenty centuries, torrential floodwaters from melting ice-age glaciers sculpted eastern Washington's Columbia Valley, leaving in their wake deposits of sandy, rocky, alluvial soils. Today, framing the Columbia River, broad plains of ancient sediment constitute one of the world's finest wine grape growing regions.