BelGioioso Italian Style Creamy Gorgonzola

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BelGioioso Italian Style Gorgonzola is a unique cheese made with just the right combination of cow and sheep's milk. This soft blue-veined cheese is handcrafted and aged 90 days in special caves. During the aging process, the wheels are pierced to allow the air to penetrate and the distinctive blue veining to flourish. Master Cheesemakers hand-rub each wheel with salt and pierce small holes into the rind, allowing air to penetrate, facilitating the growth of beneficial mold and creating an exceptionally earthy flavor. Each wedge is hand wrapped in foil and sealed in film with microperforations to keep the cheese alive. This time honored process gives our Gorgonzola its deep flavor, earthy aroma and smooth texture. Pairs well with walnuts, pears, grapes, cured meats, fresh bread, riesling, and stout. Crumble on salads and soups, or slice onto sandwiches or burgers.

Sold by the wedge.