San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This classic Sardinian extra virgin olive oil is made from the first cold pressing of a blend of Bosana, Frantoio, Leccino, Semidana and Coratina olives. The olives are mechanically harvested from the tree from the end of November to January, then cold-pressed with granite millstones, naturally decanted, filtered and bottled. It is clear golden yellow in color with a fruity aroma of ripe olives offering hints of almond and vanilla. This sweet, lightly spicy, well-balanced EVOO is packaged by San Giuliano in custom developed dark green glass bottles designed to protect the product from ultraviolet rays and oxidation.

San Giuliano extra virgin olive oil is recommended mainly for the seasoning of salads and vegetables and to enrich meat or fish to which it gives its characteristic flavor. It is ideal for making sauces and soup.

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