Casa Vecchio Mulino Grissini with Olive OIl - 10.5 oz.

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Casa Vecchio Mulino Grissini with Olive Oil are all natural, handmade artisan breadsticks from Piedmont region of Italy. The origins of the Casa Vecchio Mulino bakery go back to 1860, when Giacomo Bertolome opened in Pino Torinese, a hilly place near Chieri in the district of Torino. Even then folks lined up to buy some of Giacomo’s grissini. The smell of the baking breadsticks attracted customers from hundreds of meters away. Today, the tradition of all natural ingredients and a slow rising of the dough continues. The dough is still hand stretched and then slowly baked to create the same genuine crispy and golden flavor that made Giacomo Bartolome famous so many years ago. Verified non-GMO.

Breadsticks were introduced on the market in the 17th century by the Turinese nobility, and in its opinion, nibbling the round breadsticks was equivalent to an elegant diet. Nowadays, in Piedmont, you'll find breadsticks on every table. Gourmets give attention to the origin of the breadstick. It must be made by rolling up the bread under the palm of the hand. Only such breadsticks are worth presenting on the best tables.