Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps - 3 oz.

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Joyfull Bakery Parmesan Crisps are slow baked with 100% aged, real Parmesan cheese. That’s all! They're naturally wheat-free, low carb and protein packed with zero sugar and zero trans-fat and additives. Enjoy Joyfull Cheese Crisps on their own, with dips, or combine them with other delicious appetizers like prosciutto and olives. Cheese Crisps are perfect as a crunchy crouton in a salad, a base or topping for hors d'oevres, crumbled on top of roasted vegetables or mashed potatoes. Float them on soup for an elegant decorative touch and an extra kick of flavor. They're an ideal complement to cocktails, and pair perfectly with a glass of wine.