Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno Small Window Box - 2.3 oz.

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Simplicity, tradition and goodness of an ancient recipe make the original Amaretti di Saronno a unique biscuit. This original Italian cookie is made with sugar, bitter almonds (apricot kernels) and egg white, with no additional flavors added. The Amaretti di Saronno Lazzaroni are decorated with sugar granules, packaged in pairs, wrapped in the famous bow-tied tissue paper and contained in the traditional window boxes.

Since 1718, Lazzaroni has produced the original Amaretti di Saronno following a simple recipe, unvaried through time. The refined taste and the traditional red packaging make Amaretti di Saronno an ever appreciated gift. Amaretti di Saronno represents a tradition of the best Italian delicacy. Product of Italy.