Rummo Egg Nest Pappardelle #101 - 8.8 oz.

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Rummo uses fresh Italian eggs and the finest durum wheat skillfully fashioned into a traditional, rough-surfaced pasta that clings to sauces. Papardelle, thanks to its superior width and rough surface, is ideal for clinging to full-bodied sauces and bringing out maximum flavor. This holds especially true of ragùs based on game or porcini mushrooms.

Crafted slowly for excellence by master pasta makers since 1846, Rummo Pasta is made in Italy using the finest ingredients and Rummo’s trademark Metodo Lenta Lavorazione. This slow processing method uses a special bronze die to shape the pasta and give it a superior texture and rough, sauce-absorbing surface. Rummo’s slow cooking process guarantees outstanding cooking performance and ensures your pasta is always al dente!