La Panzanella Toasted Sesame Mini Croccantini Artisan Crackers - 6 oz.

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Delight in the delicately nutty flavor of La Panzanella Mini Toasted Sesame Croccantini®. Baked-in sesame seeds give them a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with cheeses, smoked salmon and fresh fruit. With a touch of coarse sea salt, they also make a delicious snack on their own. Arrange on trays with elegant appetizers, fan out around delectable spreads, or serve beside crocks of homemade soup. Enjoy paired with your favorite cheeses, dips or spreads, or as a unique compliment to soup or salad.

Smaller than full-size crackers, Mini Croccantini® crackers bring an artfully crafted character to any table, making any meal or snack memorable. They’re baked in a variety of savory gourmet flavors. And their crispy lightness takes any snack or appetizer from ordinary to singularly special. Verified non-GMO. Cholesterol free, low fat and vegan friendly.