Ravioli - 10 oz.

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Angela’s Kitchen artisan pasta is made in small batches to guarantee pasta is always fresh and flavorful. Pasta is house-made from scratch using premium durum semolina flour, fresh eggs and water. Shapes are extruded using a traditional bronze die cut method that creates pasta with a rough, sauce-absorbing surface and a superior texture. Pasta is immediately packaged and frozen, resulting in pasta that’s tender and delicious.

Beef Ravioli Bolognese: House-made Beef Ravioli Bolognese is stuffed with cooked beef, bread crumbs, Pecorino Romano cheese, eggs, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, pepper & spices.

Boscaiola Mushroom Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with Porcini, Portobello & Cremini mushrooms, Marscarpone, Gongonzola, Ricotta, Pecorini-Romano Cheeses, pine nuts, onions & spices. 

Butternut Squash Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with butternut squash, Ricotta cheese, spinach, Parmigiano, onions, garlic, brown sugar, salt & spices. 

Cheese Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with Ricotta & Pecorino Cheeses, eggs, spinach, onion, salt & spices. 

Lobster Seafood Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with flavorful lobster and shrimp, butter, leeks brandy, marscapone cheese, potato flakes, carrots, garlic, salt & spices.

Osso Buco Veal Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with tender Osso Buco veal, Pecorino-Romano cheese, spinach, bread crumbs, eggs, carrots, celery, onion, salt & spices.

Sausage & Mozzarella Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with cooked pork, mozzarella cheese, salt & spices. 

Truffle Cacio E Pepe Ravioli: House-made pasta stuffed with a blend of Ricotta and Pecorino Romano Cheese, Summer Truffles, White Truffle Oil, Eggs, salt & spices.

Bring 2 quarts of lightly salted water to a rapid boil. Cook uncovered for 10-12 minutes stirring occasionally. Strain and serve with you favorite sauce. 18 count / serves 1-2 people.